Treatment Options


Treatment is given in a private space. It lasts 1 – 1.5 hours and includes a full history and intake, which is then used to design a personalized treatment plan. Plan includes acupuncture points on any part of the body and one or more adjunct therapies (cupping, TDP heat lamp, auricular, etc.). Herbal recommendation possible.


Treatment is done in a community space with a small group and lasts 45-60 minutes. Group setting includes 1-4 patients who are usually sitting and are fully clothed. Treatment includes a brief problem-focused intake used to develop a treatment plan that consists of acupuncture points on the head and extremities. Herbal recommendation possible.


Treatment is usually given in a community setting but can be private upon request. It includes a brief problem-focused intake. Treatment lasts 10-30 minutes and includes auricular acupuncture and/or the application of ear seeds.


Consultation can take place in the office or over the phone (designate preference when appointment is scheduled). It includes a full history and intake, which is used to develop a plan for herbal therapy. Herbal formula(s) are purchased separately.

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